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  • Carl Gould

    How To Increase Your Revenue In 90 Days

    Many economies and businesses around the world have seen better days. But what if there still was a way to increase your revenue within 90 days, no matter what your industry is or where your business operates? The Entrepreneurs Organization invited Carl Gould back to Bahrain for the second time […]

  • Traditional Breakfast at Emmawash

    Traditional Breakfast at Emmawash

    Food is a big part of Arabic hospitality and generosity and Bahrain has no shortage of restaurants and cafes that serve delicious meals from all corners of the world. But Suzanne wanted to explore the local cuisine and had a traditional Bahraini breakfast at Emmawash on Budaiya Highway.

  • Glorious Khobiz!

    Glorious Khobiz!

    What unites a country? What unites people? What unites a family? Food, probably, is one of the most uniting factors known to man! So in celebration of Bahrain and its people, in an attempt to show that we are all really one with the same passions, needs and aspirations. In […]

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  • The Bicycle Quick Release – FreeSpeed by TriLife

    The Bicycle Quick Release – FreeSpeed by TriLife

    Welcome to a new series on bicycles and bicycle culture in Bahrain, hosted by our friends at TriLife, your premier destination for all thing Triathlon: running, cycling and swimming gear and expertise delivered to you by passionate sportsmen. In this series of episodes, Gareth will be sharing some of his experience […]

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  • Mountain Biking in Bahrain

    Mountain Biking in Bahrain

    I woke up early on Friday and promised myself to have a good day. I was out of bed by 04:55 and left home by 5:20 with my mountain bicycle loaded into the car and happiness and good anticipation in my heart. I was going to meet new people and […]

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  • Garrett the Rescued Dog

    Garrett the Dog: A Heartwarming Animal Rescue Story

    Duaa Alalawi is a woman we admire and love for the kindness she shows to animals. When she found Garrett he was in terrible shape, but Duaa took him in and saved this beautiful puppy’s life! Watch the video to learn more about their story.

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  • Tony the Dogfather of Bahrain

    Tony the Dogfather of Bahrain

    Bahrain’s Dogfather would do anything for animals! Tony has been saving the lives of mistreated animals in Bahrain for a very long time. He has been running the animal rescue and rehabilitation centre for many years, and it is growing bigger and bigger. In this video, we interview Tony and […]

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  • Julia Voth Full Interview at IGN Bahrain

    Julia Voth Full Interview at IGN Bahrain

    We talked to Julia Voth at IGN Convention Bahrain about how she started in the Resident Evil series, her favourite video games and her new role in Project SERA.

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  • Ben’s Arc of Abandoned Exotic Animals of Bahrain

    Ben’s Arc of Abandoned Exotic Animals of Bahrain

    Have you ever driven past the souqs of Bahrain and looked into the little animal cages being sold? Most of the animals in there suffer from malnourishment and heat. Many of them are so sick that they barely survive. In many cases, the people who sell these animals simply do […]

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  • IGN Convention in 1:44 HyperLapse Video!

    IGN Convention in 1:44 HyperLapse Video!

    We really enjoyed visiting the IGN Convention 2014 in the BIC. Loads of very cool people, many stands to investigate, plenty of artists showing their stuff and of course, the costumes, oh the costumes, you guys rock! Here’s a hyperlapse of one minute and 44 seconds in which we summarise […]

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  • Xeriscaping, the perfect gardens for Bahrain!

    Xeriscaping, the perfect gardens for Bahrain!

    In this episode, I discuss and show what I have personally done in my garden to accommodate the xeriscaping philosophy and show my xeriscaped border and the thriving plants in it.

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  • Potting the Cacti

    Potting the Cacti

    Continuing with preparing my garden for the season that is knocking on our doors, I moved a couple of cacti which I planted “temporarily” in a flower bed. I opted to move them into pots in order to provide them with the micro-climate and environments they need. In this episode […]

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